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Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center Initiates New Projects

Since it beginning, Toyota has always been concerned by safety issues. And this is why Harr Toyota would like to inform you about a new research division created by the Japanese automaker.

Toyota's Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) was first launched in 2011 with the mission to pursues safety research in the automobile industry. This Research Center is the new driving force behind the creation of leading-edge safety technologies, and in the last year alone, they've performed as many as 17 research projects with 12 institutions. And it seems that they are just starting as the newly found division recently announced 4 new projects to be completed with the help of the same amount of new research partners.

But what exactly is the new Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center doing? Here is a summary of Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center New Projects:

-     Task Analytic and Time Series Analysis of Driver Behavior: Working with the University of Iowa, Toyota will examine the foot behavior of drivers during the first 30 seconds of driving, in reference to the age of the driver.
-     Abdominal Injury Study: In a partnership with Virginia Tech, Toyota is studying the potential relation between abdominal injuries in a car crash and the age of the occupant.
-     Whole Body THUMS Validation: Toyota is paring with the University of Virginia to expand the current THUMS modeling system to capture the effects of a car crash on the entire body, rather than specific areas.
-    THOR Dummy FE Model Creation: Teaming with both Virginia Tech and George Washington University, Toyota to progress further on NHTSA's THOR-NT crash test dummy in order to provide more accurate safety testing in the coming years.

As you can see it's never been clearer that Toyota is dedicated to keeping drivers safe. Stay tuned for more Toyota news. Harr Toyota, located at 100 Gold Star Blvd, Worcester, MA, 01606, is dedicated to keep you informed.


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