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Toyota LEED Certifications Now 29 Strong

Toyota doesn't just have a commitment to engineering green cars such as the Prius and many other fuel-efficient models found in their new lineup (i.e., the Corolla, Yaris, etc.). They're dedicated to building green.

What exactly does Harr Toyota mean?

Toyota takes their green philosophies and best practices beyond the production line to the scraps left over from production to the buildings in which production and operations are housed.

You don't

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Toyota Pushes Technology Boundaries at Le Mans

In the middle of June every year, the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France, roars to life with the sounds of 56 of the world's fastest racecars. Entrants range from high-powered diesels in the LMP1 class to mid-engine racers like the 458 Italia in the LMGTE-Am class. This year, race organizers opened the floor to hybrid powertrains, and Toyota has entered two of their very own electrified supercars into the legendary 24

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Toyota Prius c Campaign Launches

Unlike playing a board game, buying your next automobile shouldn't feel like a roll of the dice. Toyota's latest ad campaign, "The Game of Life with Prius c," intends on shedding some light on the technological advances brought to you by the growing Prius Family line-up.

That "line-up" includes four alternative fueled models - Toyota Prius, Prius Plug-in, Prius v and of course, the "c."

That "c" represents "city" - this Prius is designed to

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Toyota Hopes To Sell Tens of Thousands of Hydrogen Cars

By 2020, expect to see more hydrogen powered variants of Toyota Prius, as well as other vehicles, on the lots at Harr Toyota in Worcester, MA. The Japanese company is looking to produce hydrogen fueled cars within the next eight years, by 2020 to be exact.

Toyota is already at the top of its game when alternative fueled cars are mentioned - with their famous Prius hybrid and the new Plug-in version. Now, the company will

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Toyota Hybrid Vehicles: Past, Present, and Future

Hybrid vehicles seem to be the "it" thing right now, but did you know the Toyota Prius was the first vehicle to pioneer the hybrid market as a mass-produced vehicle in the late 1990s? That's right, Toyota has been setting hybrid and fuel-efficient vehicle trends for more than a decade. That isn't all, though; the Japanese automaker has also been working on several impressive technologies to further its reputation as a leader in…

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Toyota NS4 Concept Showcases Sleek New Design Direction

Toyota certainly knows how to keep its drivers interested with new, innovative vehicles and technologies. On January 10, 2012, the Japanese automaker unveiled its new Toyota NS4 concept at the North American Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. This new concept both showcases a new design direction for the automaker and the new technologies drivers should soon see on upcoming hybrid vehicles, which will be different than the Toyota Prius models.

Jim Lentz, President of

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Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid Coming this October

The new Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid was recently presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show by the Japanese automaker.

The new Toyota Prius offers about 12 miles more in range compared to its conventional Prius counterpart and has a shorter recharge time. Only two-and-a-half to three hours is required to charge the new 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. And if you are using a standard outlet, only 1 hour and half will be need, when using

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Toyota Verifies Plans to Bring Next-Gen RAV4 EV to Market Next Year

Unbeknownst to Harr Toyota located at 100 Gold Star Boulevard, Worcester, MA 01606, erroneous reports have been circulating, advising consumers that the forthcoming 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV will be available exclusively to fleet and car sharing programs. This absolutely is NOT true.

You can imagine how devastating this misinformation was to the many drivers who already had their hearts set on the next-gen Toyota RAV4 EV, too. Clearly a product of harmonic collaboration between Toyota

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