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You might think that the engine of your vehicle is what gets you moving, but without the battery, your engine won’t be of any use. Dead batteries tend to sneak up on drivers, but batteries don’t usually die without some sort of indicator that they are running low on power. So, before you’re stuck without power, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs of a wearing battery.

The best time to determine if your battery is running low on juice is when you first start your car. Do the lights dim? Does the engine seem to take a while to kick in? If either of those issues occur, then you might be working with a dying battery. While you’re driving, you should also keep an eye out for dimming lights when you use multiple systems at once – for example, if your interior or audio system lights dim once you turn on your headlights.

You can also check for signs of wear and tear on the battery itself. If the fluid seems low, there are bulges anywhere along the sides, or there is corrosion or rust on the terminals, it might be time for a replacement. Also, if you open your hood and smell rotten eggs, you might have a fluid leak, which is a sure sign of needing a replacement.

All-in-all, if you aren’t sure if you need a replacement, of if you can’t remember the last time you purchased a new battery, then you can always have your battery checked at your local Toyota Dealer Service Center.

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