Are Used Toyotas Reliable?

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When choosing a used car, reliability is going to play an important role in the decision. You want the pre-owned vehicle of your choice to perform well in all conditions around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA. So, if you’re looking for pre-owned options and see a few attractive Toyota models, you may be thinking to yourself, “are used Toyotas reliable?”

In short, Toyota vehicles have a lengthy, proven track record of reliability. This impressive reliability extends to each model in the lineup, too. Before you delve into our Harr Toyota inventory, here are some facts about used Toyotas!

Measuring Reliability

Measuring Reliability

How can you tell if a vehicle is reliable? J.D. Power asked this exact question a long time ago and has since developed a tried-and-true method for determining reliability. They’ve created a 100-point score scale. The scale uses collected data from hundreds of thousands of car owners for a specific model.

Once all the necessary data is accumulated, J.D. Power is able to give the model a grade. Quality and reliability are considered together. The rating measures defects and design flaws experienced by owners throughout their time with the model. Every aspect of the model, from the engine and brakes to the electrical system, is considered. The closer a model gets to a 100 score, the better.

Used Toyota RAV4

Used Toyota RAV4 Reliability

The Toyota lineup is a lengthy one with all kinds of sedans, coupes, crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. While we can’t go over the used reliability of every vehicle, we can briefly touch on some of the most popular. The used Toyota RAV4 is a great place to start.

The RAV4 is a highly versatile SUV, which you can buy used, knowing it’s going to continue working long-term. Here are the RAV4 J.D. Power Quality & Reliability scores from 2018 to 2020:

  • 2018 RAV4 received an 88 Quality & Reliability score
  • 2019 RAV4 received a 74 Quality & Reliability score
  • 2020 RAV4 received a 74 Quality & Reliability score

Used Toyota Camry

Used Toyota Camry Reliability

For commuters, the Toyota Camry has long been a highly regraded sedan. With terrific fuel efficiency and a roomy cabin, the car is easy to live with every day. The Camry also grades out highly in terms of reliability, according to J.D. Power:

  • 2017 Camry received an 86 Quality & Reliability score
  • 2018 Camry received an 85 Quality & Reliability Score
  • 2020 Camry received an 82 Quality & Reliability Score

Used Toyota Tacoma

Used Toyota Tacoma Reliability

Used Toyota trucks are just as reliable as their sedan or SUV counterparts. The midsize Toyota Tacoma is a great example of how Toyota emphasizes reliability in all types of vehicles.

Here’s what J.D. Power thinks of used Tacoma trucks:

  • 2017 Tacoma received a 79 Quality & Reliability score
  • 2018 Tacoma received a 75 Quality & Reliability Score

Are Used Toyota Models Reliable? According to J.D. Power, Yes

Not only are there a lot of used Toyota models on the road, but the reliability ratings from J.D. Power further emphasize this brand’s devotion to long-term usability. At Harr Toyota, we can set you up with your ideal used Toyota for trips around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

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