Toyota Tacoma vs Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tacoma

Two premier options, when you begin looking at mid-size trucks, are the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline. Each truck has been in production for many years and each touts strong reliability.

You can only drive one model around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA, though. So, which will it be? Research will help you come to that decision.

At Harr Toyota, we create various car-shopping resources, such as comparisons. This particular Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline showdown is a must-read for trucks lovers.

After reading this comparison, you can also test drive your favorite model!

Tacoma vs Ridgeline: Towing Capacity

Toyota TacomaIf you’re in the market for a truck, odds are that you’re going to be doing some towing at one point or another. Towing capability is a staple of both the 2021 Tacoma and the 2021 Ridgeline. Yet for practical usage, the Toyota truck outperforms the Honda truck by a wide margin.

The towing capacity of the Honda Ridgeline is a mere 5,000 pounds when properly equipped, putting it more in line with certain SUVs rather than trucks. With the Tacoma, you’re getting far more capability thanks to a 6,800-pound maximum towing capacity when properly equipped.

Tacoma vs Ridgeline: Choosing a Trim Level

Toyota Tacoma Off-RoadingIf you happen to see a pair of Toyota Tacoma trucks going down the street, it’s unlikely they look exactly the same. Beyond just the difference in color, the long list of Tacoma trim levels means that each truck has a distinct flavor. This diversity is especially noticeable compared to the Ridgeline, which limits you to just four trims.

The Ridgeline comes in the base model Sport, the RTL, the RTL-E, and the Black Edition, which adds some exterior flourishes.

How does the Tacoma compare? Well, you get six trim options, including specific trims that emphasize off-roading.

The base is the SR, followed by the SR5 and the TRD Sport. The TRD Off-Road, the Limited, and TRD Pro round out the options. It’s the TRD Off-Road or the TRD Pro that you want for adventurous driving. The TRD Off-Road sports a locking rear differential, while the TRD Pro comes standard with a TRD Pro front skid plate.

Tacoma vs Ridgeline: Defining Performance Features

Toyota TacomaThe performance features are pretty similar between the Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline—yet the Tacoma does give you more versatility.

To start, important performance outputs, such as torque, are pretty similar, with the Tacoma peaking at 265 lb-ft and the Ridgeline boasting 262 lb-ft.

The one unique feature that will jump out to fans of manual transmissions is the 6-speed manual available in the Tacoma. If you like to change your own gears, the Tacoma is the only choice, as Honda doesn’t offer a manual transmission in the Ridgeline.

Toyota Tacoma Tops Honda Ridgeline

More capability and the availability of a manual transmission are just two features that help the Tacoma outpace the Ridgeline for 2021.

The Tacoma is a delight to drive, too. You can see for yourself by booking a test drive near Shrewsbury, Auburn, and Worcester, MA, at Harr Toyota!


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