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There are certain things you have to do to keep your model in tip-top shape. One of the most common is an oil change. The motor oil in your vehicle is responsible for cleaning up debris in the engine, regulating temperature, and lubricating all moving parts under the hood. When the oil becomes worn down, it can no longer execute these important functions. So the best thing to do is book an oil change near Auburn, MA.

At Harr Toyota, we can quickly change your oil and get you back onto the street!

How Often Should an Oil Change Take Place?

Oil changes are obviously important, yet how often should they occur? In most instances, you should be changing the oil between every 5,000 and 10,000 miles. Each car is unique, though. Some models will make it 10,000 miles before a change is needed, while others may only make it 5,000. So how can you tell what your car needs?

The easiest way to determine oil change frequency for your vehicle is by referring to the owner’s manual. In general, cars, which ask a lot of their motors, will need oil changes closer to every 5,000 miles. The list of models which fit this description include:

  • High-performance coupes, sedans, or SUVs
  • SUVs or trucks tasked with a lot of towing
  • Models regularly exposed to strenuous driving conditions such as heavy traffic

For those who you don’t do any towing with your vehicle, don’t drive aggressively around local streets, and don’t deal with heavy traffic each day, changing the oil every 5,000 miles should do the trick.

How Will I Know My Motor Oil Is Worn Down?

You can begin to tell when your motor oil is no longer working the way it’s supposed to because your vehicle’s performance will falter. For instance, models with worn motor oil may not receive the same fuel economy they were getting when the oil was fresh and effective. You may notice a downtick in the acceleration of your vehicle, too.

Many modern cars have an oil change light, which will appear on the dashboard. Referring to your owner’s manual is an easy way to find what this light looks like. Typically it’s a picture of an oil can. When you see this dashboard light, it means your motor oil is either running low or is old. In either case, changing the oil will improve the short-term and long-term performance and reliability of your vehicle.

Keep up With Oil Changes near Auburn, MA

Oil changes are a common part of car maintenance yet are vitally important to the lasting health of your vehicle. If you haven’t had an oil change in some time or if your oil change light has appeared on the dashboard, book a visit online to our Harr Toyota Service Center.

We can quickly change your oil and get you back to your daily life. Our staff is also happy to answer any oil change questions you might have!


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