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The oil change is one of the most common yet vital services your car can regularly undergo. Everything from performance to reliability and safety is bolstered by the presence of fresh and effective motor oil. If you’re looking for an oil change near your Worcester, MA, area, consider Harr Toyota. We’ve been servicing local vehicles of any make or model for many years.

If you aren’t sure how long an oil change takes or how often your vehicle might need this service, keep reading the following overview, which hits on a few oil change musts!

Oil Change Worcester MA

How Often Does Motor Oil need to be Changed?

There are many factors that influence how regularly your motor oil should be swapped out. The rule of thumb, though, is to change your oil every 5,000 miles. So what type of factors would influence that number?

Mainly, it’s about the type of wear and tear you’re placing on your engine. The harder you push your engine or the more you ask of it, the more often oil changes should occur. A perfect example is heavy-duty trucks. If you’re regularly towing over 10,000 pounds, you’ll need oil changes more frequently than someone who travels light.

Other factors that can strain an engine include daily driving in heavy traffic, exposure to severe cold or heat, or aggressive driving habits, especially if you have a model with high-end horsepower.

How Long do Oil Changes Take?

Changing your oil is a simple process. You can come by our shop after booking your visit online, and we’ll have your motor oil changed in under a half hour. Also keep a lookout for coupons we offer, which boost the overall value of your oil change!

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What Does Motor Oil Do?

Motor oil does a lot of different things to ensure performance, including lubrication, temperature regulation, and dirt collection.

Lubrication is important for the many moving pieces that compose your engine. These pieces would wear down quickly without motor oil, succumbing to friction and high temperatures. It’s the motor oil you can thank for regulating the excessive temperatures as well. So on a hot summer day, as you’ve been cruising around all afternoon, it’s the motor oil ensuring your car doesn’t overheat.

Finally, as the motor oil makes its way around the engine and through the car, it picks up debris and other bits of dirt before displacing these into the filter.

Receive an Oil Change near Your Area

Performing your Toyota oil change at factory recommended maintenance intervals is a great way to keep your Toyota running great and maintain its value. At Harr Toyota we use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil formulated to help protect against corrosion, prevent foaming and maintain proper application of oil on cylinder walls.

If you haven’t had an oil change in the last five thousand miles, come by Harr Toyota. Not sure when the last oil change was? Well, take a look at the oil using a dipstick. If it’s golden-brown and fluid, you’re in good shape. If the oil has begun to thicken and turn black, a change is needed.

Whenever you’re ready, give us a call or book your visit online! Our Toyota-trained technicians right here in Worcester at Harr Toyota can quickly perform this service for you.

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